Playstation Follows Xbox And Adds 3D Blu-ray

It’s very curious that Sony would suddenly reveal that their next update will add support for 3D Blu-ray movies only a day or so after Microsoft announced they were adding 3D Blu-ray support to the Xbox One in its next update. Did Microsoft just beat Sony to it in general, and Sony had to scramble to add it, or did Microsoft just beat them to the punch announcing it? Either way, it’s all good news for all of us, especially if you’ve still been using your PS3 for all your Blu-ray needs when you aren’t streaming movies or game play.


While an exact date has yet to be announced for the 1.75 PS4 update, Sony stated on its official Playstation Twitter account that it would be “coming next week.” Outside of this 3D Blu-ray announcement, any other details on the update are vague, as once again it’s going to correct “system software stability during use of some features,” which may sound familiar at this point, considering the past few updates have pretty much been tending to this same issue.

Are you excited that this feature is finally coming through, or could you care less because you’re addicted to streaming anything and everything now? Let us know below and be sure to follow us on Twitter @APGNation for more news updates and reviews.

Source: Gamespot

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