New Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Treats!


If you haven’t been keeping up on this one, shame on you! But then again, that’s what I’m here for; to catch you up to all the latest news and info. As a quick refresher before I hop into a few recent updates, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will take place on Pandora’s moon with a cast of 4 new classes who will shoot ‘n’ loot alongside the lovable tyrant Handsome Jack before he became what we all know him as today. You’ll fight on all new low-gravity moonscapes with new moves, weapons and vehicles, trying to help Jack prevent the destruction of Pandora and its moon. The flip-side is that you’ll also watch Handsome Jack transform from this helpful do-gooder into a greedy tyrant, and directly help contribute to the rise of the corrupt Hyperion Corporation.



Following that teaser of Handsome Jack’s tips, Gearbox will be releasing more gameplay videos for the new characters and extra goodies on their site. First up, we have Athena. In this gameplay video between Gearbox Devs and IGN, we see Athena in action, as well as her Phalanx, Xiphos and Ceraunic Storm skill trees in detail and a first look at the new Stingray and Moon Buggy vehicles.



The second teaser revealed this week was Wilhelm’s gameplay and skill trees. Take a peek below:


 Stay tuned to us or visit Gearbox directly for more updates. The next character to be shown will be Nisha, and right now Gearbox has released Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel themed heads and skins into Borderlands 2. Cosplay as the new characters in Borderlands 2 as you wait for this game’s release. These skins and heads are now available as extremely rare drops in game, but if you check back on the Gearbox site over the next few weeks, they are releasing SHiFT codes to unlock each one. Currently available we have Axton as Athena and Salvador as Wilhelm. On August 1 they will release Maya as Nisha, August 8 will release Zer0 as Claptrap, August 15 will be Gaige as Moon Moxxi and August 22 will be Kreig as Scav.

Let me know if you’re as excited for this Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel as I am below, and of course follow us on Twitter @APGNation for any future updates and news!

Source: Gearbox

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