Pokemon World Tournament Coming Soon!

Rejoice, Trainers! The Pokemon World Tournament is coming soon! The Pokemon World Tournament will take place between August 15th-17th at the Walter E. Washington building in Washington D.C. The tournament will feature the world finals for both the trading card game and video game versions of the popular franchise.


Trainers that enter the tournament will be separated into different groups based on their ages to make sure that the competition is fair and balanced. There are Junior, Senior, and Master level tournaments that will have the best players in the world duking their ‘mons against one another.

While the tournaments will be invitation only, Nintendo will be streaming the event on their Twitch channel, so Trainers interested in watching the very best (possibly like no one ever was) should check out the stream as the sparks fly.


Various prizes will be given out for the tournament, including $10,000 scholarships, trophies, boxes and sealed sets of the trading card game, and more. The top 32 players in each tournament will receive prizes based on their position.

As a bonus, Trainers that attend the prestigious tournaments will have access to a special lv.50 Aegislash that holds a Sitrus Berry and knows the moves Shadow Ball, Flash Cannon, King’s Shield, and Wide Guard. Trainers that are involved in the tournament will also gain Championship Points appropriate to their final ranks.

Will you will watching this tournament? What Pokemon and strategies do you think will dominate the competition? Post your predictions below, and keep following us here at @APGNation and our Twitter feed for more news, reviews, and more!

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