The Persistent Universe of Games of Glory


This week, Lightbulb Crew revealed more details about their upcoming MOBA Games of Glory. On top of offering a single player mode that delves deeper into the story and reveals secrets to this universe, Games of Glory is the only MOBA to offer a persistent universe. Player actions will determine not only the future development of its universe but the course of its history for lore and factions.


The Synarchy of this MOBA is in a state of constant evolution, and every action of each political and economic faction will effect this dominant empire. Players will embody Clones to battle for dominance in Arena’s to pull power for their side. Winning will make your faction more powerful on a broad scale but on a more personal level, after each win or loss, you will gain/lose notoriety, making each win or loss that much greater as you climb the ladder of notoriety.


Bragging rights of being the dominant faction isn’t the only perk of rising to the top. As your faction wins it will actually shape the game’s content. Being at the top can mean new faction announcements for more competition or it could mean an introduction of newer and stronger clones, weapons, equipment for the winning side, or even game mode modifications


“From the beginning of this project, we wanted to give our community a central role in creating the events that will change the Synarchy forever. For us it is incredibly exciting, as even we do not know what will happen in Games of Glory,” Said Anders Larsson, CEO of LightBulb Crew. “We also believe that this player-driven interaction and shaping of the world will help increase the enjoyment for players who are not as focused on competitive play, but may be interested by the game’s story.”

To see and hear more directly from the games creators, check out this video:

If what you’re seeing and hearing sounds like an interesting change you’ve been waiting for, then please help this indie game out. They could use your votes on their Steam Greenlight Page or if you want to help speed it up into a live form, you can help them directly on their Kickstarter Page which provides even more detailed information on the factions, features, story and more. You can also delve deeper on the Games of Glory Website and Dev Diary.
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