EA And The Barclays Premier League Brings FIFA 15 Benefits

Premier League

Today: August 6, 2014 Electronic Arts INC. (EA) announced that it has extended its partnership with Barclays Premier League, more commonly referred to as Premier League, through the 2018/2019 season including the sponsorship of the League’s Goal Decision System.
In addition to the continuation of many benefits of this long standing partnership, the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index (a matrix which measures a player’s contribution) and the Fantasy Premier League game, the EA Premier League partnership will bring many new features to EA’s newest addition to the FIFA family. FIFA 15 will bring the game of Soccer into your home like never before!

New FIFA 15 Features Include:

Broadcast Graphics
Broadcast quality overlay graphics will keep fans informed of all the important game information: player statistics, formations, team sheets, score clock, etc…

Audio and Commentary
Each game will be brought to life in FIFA 15 with the integration of authentic audience effects that were recorded in live games during the 2013/2014 season. These effects will bring to life every game beginning with the Premier League Anthem and continuing with the true sounds of the game: goals, misses, whistles, and fan chants.

All 20 Stadiums
Advertising boards and detail bring to life each of the 20 Barclays Premier League Clubs (stadiums) that were meticulously filmed and recreated by EA for FIFA 15.

Authentic Player Headscans
The Latest 3D scanning technology allowed EA to create the most accurate likenesses of over 200 new players for FIFA 15.

Goal Decision System
FIFA 15 will debut the Goal Decision System which will provide replay animations, emulating TV broadcasts, after every call showing whether or not the ball crossed the line to make a goal.

Other additional small features will bring more detail and life to the game such as, the appearance of wear on the field and mud on uniforms after rough plays.

FIFA 15 is set to release in the US on September 23rd with pre-orders now available for some platforms. The game will be available for: PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. There will also be a FIFA 15 for: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation Vita. However, Not all features will be available on every version of the game.

Source: EA

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