Astro Gaming Announces New Patent


Today, Astro Gaming, a subsidiarity of Skull Candy Inc., announced that they have acquired a new patent for in their ongoing effort to improve communication between gamers in a multiplayer, Local Access Network setting. The new patent, numbered 8,602,892 by the US Patent Office, was awarded for use in the company’s Game Communications Exchange, or Team MixAmp as it is sometimes known.

“We’re thrilled to once again be recognized for our continued delivery of technological innovation and ongoing contribution to the world of professional gaming.  The Team MixAmp represents one of our earliest innovations and remains one of our most important gaming solutions to date,” said Jordan Reiss, co-Founder & General Manager of ASTRO Gaming. “The ASTRO Gaming Team MixAmp was a true game changer in competitive LAN gaming, literally transforming the playing field for both players and spectators alike.”skull-candy

Since it’s first appearance in 2007, Team MixAmp has been providing gamers with seamless and lagless audio that helps to take their competitive gaming experience to a whole new level. Team MixAmp also provides commentators and other competitive gaming host-types to listen in on and broadcast a player’s chatter to give the audience a better idea of just what is going on at any given time.

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