Dragon Con To Host HeroClix Championship


While many may think of cosplay and rubbing elbows with their favorite stars, writers and artists when they think of Dragon Con, another handful of us out there know that it is also one of the largest gaming conventions in the nation. The gaming portion of Dragon Con will be taking over most of the Hilton Atlanta Downtown to provide plenty of space to socialize with other gamers as well as those within the game industry such as voice actors, game designers, writers, and more. There will also be space dedicated to table top and LAN gaming in casual as well as tournament formats.

While thousands make their way to Georgia for their Labor Day weekend, many HeroClix players will be traveling there to participate in the National TCGPlayer.com Realms Open Championship, which is taking place for the second year in a row at Dragon Con. The top HeroClix players will be competing in tournaments over three days with constructed qualifiers on Friday, August 30th that will narrow the playing field down to just 32 competitors.The Championship itself will begin on Saturday, August 31 and the 32 competitors will share in the $15,000 purse with the champion claiming $4,000.

 “We’re thrilled to welcome back to Dragon Con the TCGplayer.com Realms Open Championship,” convention co-chair David Cody said. “Because of the qualifying format and the prize money, we expect some of the top players from around the country to participate in this tournament and make it a very competitive event. It will be a great part of an already rich lineup of gaming and game-related programming.”


If you’ve never made it to Dragon Con, you’re really missing out. Is a very nice mix of pop culture, fantasy, sci-fi, and gaming. There is a little bit of something for everyone. I know over the years it’s gotten bigger and bigger and the genres I just mentioned have also been growing and getting bigger guests each and every year.

I am heading to Dragon Con this year so please stay turned for more updates and photo’s from this years Dragon Con. Let me know below if there’s anything you’d like to see or get a report back on, and I will try my best. As always, please also remember to follow us on Twitter at @APGNation to get updates for our posts in your feed!

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