Classcraft Version 2.0 Upgrades Classroom Experience

Created as a means to help students learn by melding the classroom experience with all of the fun of a videogame; Classcraft, which was first released earlier this year, gives children an incentive to do well and succeed in school by rewarding them with points to improve their in-game avatar and tangible real world rewards like being able to bring notes to an exam.


Each player in Classcraft creates an avatar that belongs to one of several different fantasy jobs, such as healer, warrior, and mage, each with their own powers and abilities. These advantages range from in-game traits, such as healing allies or restoring the ability points of teammates, to more concrete incentives like being able to take more time on a test or eating in class. The system also rewards children for working together, as some powers become more useful or can be shared when aided by others. However, these same advantages can also be taken away when a student misbehaves; therefore, rewarding good behavior and punishing bad.

“As a culture, We’re drawn to the addictive interactivity of games like FarmVille and Words with Friends, but learning in the classroom remains a highly individualized experience”. Remarked Shawn Young, founder of Classcraft. “As we continue to improve Classcraft, we are focused on features that go beyond traditional gamification moves to foster collaboration, deep engagement, and improved classroom behavior and keep students coming back for more.”


Classcraft will also feature a number of new features in the upcoming school years including:

  • Spanish, Dutch, German Translations.

  • Interactive Forums.

  • Individual Student Analytic

  • Customizable avatars

  • New artwork and backdrops for characters.

  • Foxes, Owls, and other pets to go with players’ avatars.

  • More intuitive, responsive designs.

Classcraft is now being employed in the lower grades, but could it be adopted to a college environment? Let us know your ideas on how to use this interesting new game in the comments and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @APGNation!

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