Sho Minazuki Makes Evil Look Good In Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Last time we at APGNation took a look at Persona 4 Arena Ultimax we showcased the battle skills of Yukiko Amagi, Yu Narukami, and Yosuke Hanamura, three of Yasogami Highschool’s finest and deadliest students. Today, however, we take a look at the evils that lay just beyond the swirling mists and obscuring fogs of the Midnight Channel. Yes indeedy we have for you all three new trailers highlight the dark might of some of Persona 4 Arena’s most heinous combatants, Sho Minazuki and Shadow Labrys! So for those of you not afraid to play with the madness inducing might of the shadowy side of the human mind, join us for the videos below, and make sure to hold on tight to your sanity, your going to need it.


We begin our examination of the dark side of human nature with Sho Minazuki. A mysterious young boy with a sarcastic wit and prominent scar, Sho is one of the driving forces behind the events of Ultimax and is actually playable in two forms, one without his persona Tsukuyomi, the Japanese god of the moon, and one with it in tow. The difference between these two Sho’s is interesting, as the former, who fights without his persona, focuses more on rushing at his foes with reckless abandon and cutting into their soft, squishy flesh with his sword.

While Sho with his persona, known in game by his last name Minazuki, fights a more conservative game, summoning Tsukuyomi to assist him in lambasting his foes in a blindingly fast series of slashes and strikes that leave leave little room to squirm away. Minazuki also speaks in a more restrained manner then Sho, favoring cryptic dialogue and dark threats over the groan-inducing puns that his persona-less self is so fond of.

Finally, we have Shadow Labrys, the dark side of the robot girl and self proclaimed student council president, Labrys orchestrated the events of the first Persona 4 Arena by posing as Teddy and holding the mysterious P-1 Grand Prix. While Shadow Labrys was defeated at the end of Arena when her normal counterpart accepted her own darkness and gained a persona of her own, she returns for Ultimax boasting the same manic cackle, gigantic axe, and terrifying persona, Asterius, the famed minotaur of Greek Mythology, as she did in her last appearance.

Shadow Labrys lashes out against her foes with strong, slow strikes and the devastating claws and bloody beams of her persona. And though she has quite a bit of power behind all of her attacks, her health and speed are both rather lacking, rendering the dark robot something of a glass cannon.

There you have it folks, never before has evil looked so darn good. You do can give into the darkness when Persona 4 Arena Ultimax arrives in stores on September 30th for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3! For more on Persona 4 Arena, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @APGNation!

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