Disney Infinity Rounds Out New Nintendo eShop Offerings

It’s Thursday and that means Nintendo has another crop of home-grown videogames ready for all you good folks to download and enjoy. This week we’ve got a good haul with a free download version of Disney’s interactive toy game, another classic Megaman adventure, and Life Force, a sidescrolling shooter with a confusing name! So, without further ado, lets dive in!unnamed

New on the WiiU:

  • Disney Infinity: For the first time ever in digital download, Disney’s toy-themed sandbox game comes to the WiiU today…and its free! That being said, you’ll still have to buy the base and toys that go with it to actually play the game, but still.

  • Midtown Crazy Race

  • Mega Man 6: The last Megaman game for the NES gaming system, Megaman 6 sees the Blue Bomber battling the mysterious Mr. X, who is totally not just Dr. Wily in a silly coat, across 16 stages of oldschool platforming goodness.Z8icR6AQYlN_LS6Liv-S3b2WKKVxu_E5

  • Life Force: The classic shooter comes home with two player co-op gameplay and all the blistering difficulty the genre is known for.

Discounted on the WiiU:

New on the 3DS:

  • Xtreme Sports: Hailing from an era where every possible word began with an X, Xtreme Sports offers an RPG like experience as players choose a character and guide them through a variety of challenges to become the champion!

  • BLAZBLUE -CLONEPHANTASMA: All of your favorite Blazblue characters shrunk down to the size of dolls and forced to do battle with one another in arena-style combat!

  • Donkey Kong Jr. Math: Coming next Thursday, this gaming oddity combines the fun of basic mathematics with the experience of controlling a giant ape in a monogrammed leotard.

  • Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: In this hotly anticipated crossover title, two of gaming’s top minds must work together to save a young girl accused of Witchcraft.(Coming Friday, August 29th.)

Discounted on the 3DS:

Any of those catch your eye? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, where you can find us at @APGNation!

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