11 Bit Studios to Showcase This War of Mine and Spacecom at Pax Prime 2014

11 Bit studios announced on Tuesday that This War of Mine and Spacecom will be featured at the PAX Prime convention in Seattle. Both games are expected to be released on PC and Mobile devices.unnamed

Based out of Warsaw Poland, 11 Bit studios has developed several other multiplatform games including Anonmaly Warzone Earth (2011 Apple Design Award Winner), Sleep Walkers Journey, and Funky Smugglers.

This War of Mine puts the player in the point of view of a civilian caught in the middle of a warzone. As the civilian, the player will be tasked to scavenge for food, collect medical supplies, and protect other innocent civilians against violent survivors.  Sacrificing other survivors and maintaining your shelter for protection against snipers will be critical to the players success in the game.

Spacecom will be the first game to be published under 11 bit launchpad, the companies publishing label. Spacecom will have a strong focus on Multiplayer as it puts the player at the command of a starfleet with its core objective to capture as many planetary systems as possible.

Marek Ziemak, Producer of Spacecom states, “In Spacecom, luck and fast clicking will get you nowhere. Spacecom is a game for true strategists that allows you to dominate over other players.”

Pax Prime 2014 will take place in Seattle, Washington from August 29th to September 1st.

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