Have a Bloody Good Time with Deathtrap


From the very depths of hell, and Neocore Games, the team behind the The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, comes Deathtrap, a fusion of Action RPGs and tower defense games featuring a macabre world and plenty of vile monsters to slice in twain.

The world of Deathtrap is a dark one, for beyond our world, in a fortress built to protect the world from horrors beyond, evil monsters begin a rampage of death and conquest as the the bindings that once held them at bay begin to weaken and wane. Creatures of legend once more prowl the dead of night, creatures of the maddest of sciences escape their maker’s basement laboratories and stalk the living, and, perhaps worst and most pretentious of all, the shadows begin to swirl once more, beckoning for beings of living darkness to return and plague us once more.

All hope is not lost however! A hero emerges from the darkness, ready to face the forces of evil and protect us all from a bloody death. In the boots of this protector of humanity, the player must choose their character wisely, for the beasts of night and darkness thirst for their flesh and long for their blood, making it of the utmost importance that you carefully rebuild and use the ancient traps and rusted machines of the fortress to keep the ever looming evil at bay, lest you fail and doom our world to fall to the ravaging hordes.

A combination of Action RPGs and tower defense games, Deathtrap will beckon players to enter its ancient fortress when it is unleashed upon the world on Steam, the Xbox One, and PS4 later this fall for $19.99. Love what you’re reading? Then leave us a comment below and follow @APGNation on all social media!

Nicole Seraphita
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My name is Nicole Seraphita and I’m 27. I’ve been gaming since the days of the NES and have owned at least one system from each generation since then. My favorite type of games if most definitely RPGs, with my favorites being titles like Chrono Cross, Persona 4, and Tales of Xillia, though I also sometimes dabble in platforming games, fighting games, and visual novels. When I’m not writing for APGNation or playing games, I enjoy table top and card games, watch anime, and write fiction that I occasionally publish online. I tend to write a lot of Sci-fi and the occasional bit of fantasy, with the often overlooked sub-genre of Biopunk being my favorite. I’ve also written a few visual novels, though only one of them has made it all the way to completion thus far. My current dream is to be able to bring the Monster Girl genre to a western audience.

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