Nintendo Reveals Pokken Tournament

The Pokemon Company and the team behind the popular Tekken fighting franchise are teaming up to give the world a 3D fighting game featuring your favorite collectible monsters! There is very little on the new title, called Pokken Tournament (a mash-up of Tekken and Pokemon), but we know that it will be appearing in Japanese arcades sometime in 2015. Check out the trailer below to get a feel of this interesting new fighting game!

Unfortunately there has been no information on an international release or even a home console version. It is not uncommon for games to be exclusive to Japanese arcades. Case in point, Pokemon Tretta is an arcade game that uses collectible “pucks” that represent different Pokemon with various stats that plug into the arcade machine and battle. However, as this is a Pokemon game, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an international release if a console version of the game is announced.


Expect to see a lot of Fighting-type Pokemon in this game. I’m sure we will be seeing popular ‘mons like Blaziken and maybe even Mewtwo (he does get a Psychic/Fighting Mega Evolution after all). Lucario and Machamp are the Pokemon fighting in the trailer and both are noteworthy Fighting-types that can be serious threats in the main series.


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