October Pokemon Distributions Confirmed

Nintendo has announced that next month will see not just one, but two different Pokemon distribution events. Both of these distributions will be done through GameStop retailers where they will be passing out serial codes that you can input into the Mystery Gift function of Pokemon X or Y to download the event Pokemon.


The first event will be hosted from October 16th to the 26th and will feature a special shiny Gengar, complete with his evolution item Gengarite. Shiny Mega Gengar is white and, as you old-school will know, is a ghost-type Pokemon, so he will be available for you just in time to use for Halloween! Not only that, but Mega Gengar is terrifying in its own right with its high special attack, speed, and great ability Shadow Tag, which keeps non-ghost type opponents from switching out.


The other event will run from October 27th until November 16th and features the mythical Pokemon Diancie. This particular Diancie, when traded to Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, will unlock the Pokemon’s Mega Evolution item Diancite and allow it to change into the powerful Mega Diancie, which is only the second legendary Pokemon to have its own Mega Evolution.


Don’t miss out on these events, trainers! You don’t want to regret not having downloaded the powerful Shiny Gengar or the extremely rare Diancie. As always, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @APGNation for more news and coverage on games as they develop, and feel free to join the discussion below and share you thoughts on these Pokemon events!

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