So You Wanna Unlock Destiny’s PvP (Multiplayer) Mode?

We here at APGNation love us some Destiny, but it can be frustrating when a much touted feature of the game isn’t even easy to find at first. Such is the case with Destiny’s PvP (multiplayer) experience, which actually must be unlocked before players can jump into the fray against their fellow legends. So that leads us to the point of this article, how do we get started cracking some skulls in PvP? 

Destiny old russia

Well, hypothetical gamer I’ve created as a sounding board for the sake of this article, first you will have to fulfill three missions on “Old Russia”. On that same map you will unlock a mission called “The Last Array” on Earth. After completing this mission, it will grant you access to the PvP proving grounds known as the Crucible. Go to Orbit and head back to “Tower”, and Once you’re there go down the steps and find “Crucible Handler”. He will invite you to accept an invitation.

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Once you accept, head back to Orbit and on the right of the planet Earth you will see the planet “Crucible”. Here you’ll be able to engage other players in a variety of armed combat in several different modes, ranging from things like capture the flag, to simply blowing your foes off the face of the planet.

PvP Destiny Multiplayer

So there you have it, go forth and bust some skulls for us here at APGNation! For more on Destiny as the day unfolds, make sure to follow us on Twitter @APGNation and if this helped you out, then please leave us a comment!

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