Square Enix’s Dive In Allows You To Stream Games To Your Smartphone

This year, Sony made up for the lack of backwards compatibility on the PS4 by launching PS Now, a re-branded version of Gaikai, a company they had acquired last year. Now it seems that Square Enix wants to get into the game streaming market too.

Square Enix is expected to launch their own streaming service called Dive In on October 9th for the Japanese market. It allows you to stream certain Square Enix-published games on your iOS or Android device, eliminating the need to port those games to these platforms.

Three free games will be offer by Dive In. The games are as follow: Final Fantasy VII International, Final Fantasy XIII and Season of Mystery : The Cherry Blossom Murders. Each game will be available to try for 30 minutes as a demo. If you like it, you can purchase either 3, 10, 30 or 365 days of game time. Each title has a different price, as you can see in the price list below :

  • Final Fantasy VII 3 days – $1.90
  • Final Fantasy VII 10 days – $3.75
  • Final Fantasy VII 30 days – $9.40
  • Final Fantasy VII 365 days – $13.45
  • Final Fantasy XIII 3 days – $2.35
  • Final Fantasy XIII 10 days – $4.70
  • Final Fantasy XIII 30 days – $11.75
  • Final Fantasy XIII 365 days – $16.92
  • Season of Mystery 3 day – $1.40
  • Season of Mystery 10 day – $2.85
  • Season of Mystery 30 day – $7.60
  • Season of Mystery 365 day – $11.25

More games will be added to Dive In later on, like Final Fantasy VIII and The Last Remnant in November, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Murdered Soul Suspect in December and Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII in 2015. Even though a Western launch is not in the cards right now, Dive In could be launched here if the service proves to be popular in the Japanese market.

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