Forza Horizon 2 Live Action Trailer – Limits? Who Needs Them?

Today the new trailer for Forza Horizon 2 dropped as did a demo of the game for Xbox One. My brother actually pulled me aside from my previous article to show me the demo. My brother is a car guy and loves fast expensive cars. In fact, he drives a faster, more expensive version of my car. I digress. The trailer shown here is titled “Leave Your Limits” which attempts to embody the spirit of the game. Xbox and twofifteenmccann teamed up to make this live action trailer.

The trailer starts off as nostalgic as can be in the world of cars.  Electronic slot car track and the cars all follow in a single file until the unruly all-new 2014 Lamborghini Huracán — which is exclusively appearing in Forza Horizon 2 this fall — breaks from the slot and the pack and through a wall taking on the rest of what the world has to offer.  Various cars are now driving hard and fast through the coastline, vineyards, and towns of southern Europe to the tune of Adriano Celentano’s “Prisencolinensinainciusol.

The director Adam Berg of Smuggler and MPC was recruited by twofifteenmccann to lead the production which was filmed on location on  some of the world’s most famous driving roads.

“I loved setting up these two worlds for Forza,” said Berg. “We started in the narrow slot car landscape with its tilt/shift look, then we broke free from the expected boundaries in an explosion of dust and concrete, and drove through Italy with a 2014 Lamborghini Huracán. Not a bad way to spend a few days.”

If fast cars and open roads is what you fancy be sure to check out the Xbox One demo available now on Xbox Live. Forza Horizon 2 arrives beginning Sept. 30.  And as always stay up to date with all the latest gaming news through APGNation here or on Twitter @APGNation.

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