NACC To Offer Scholarships For Top Finishers In League of Legends Tournament

The North American Collegiate Championship (NACC) will offer scholarships for the upcoming tournaments set in four different regions across the U.S. The NACC is comprised of a partnership between Riot Games And the collegiate League of Legends Community, which plans to host regional qualifiers across four predetermined regions, with teams comprised of undergraduate students to compete in the League of Legends. the top team from each region will face off in Los Angeles, playing for the Grand Prize of 30,000 in scholarship funds at the Riot eSports stage.

At this level of elimination, each student of the four qualifying teams will take home at least $7,500 in scholarship funds. 1st place will receive $30,000 each, 2nd place finishers will receive $15,000, and both 3rd and 4th place finishers will receive $7,500. Four separate regionally based organizations will help the NACC properly organize the qualifying events. The community partner approach seems to bridge the gap for college based gaming leagues and tournaments, allowing players from all backgrounds to participate. Listed below are the dates and times for the regional qualifying events:
LoL DatesThe NACC is expected releases the Championship dates within the coming months, but expect it to be in April/May of 2015. Please follow us on Twitter, as we will continue to follow the Qualifiers and Championships!

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