Far Cry 4’s Pagan Min Returns In New Trailer

Every good story needs a vile villain to challenge our hero and provide a challenge to overcome on the way to saving the world, and Far Cry 4 is no exception. The evil Pagan Min returns to antagonize the world once more. The son of a middling drug lord, Min would eventually rise to power in his own right after his father’s mysterious death. Taking the name “Pagan” from an old Burmese warlord who was known for having killed his entire family. Min began to carve out an empire for himself by raising a small private army and gaining asset and resources in the heroin trade.

After being targeted for death by many, he would then set his sights on the chaotic state of Kyrat where he would take the various warring factions in the area and play them against each other like pawns in a game of chess. Being a good evil mastermind, this was all a bid to increase his own power by seizing control of the country. You can learn more about Min, and Far Cry 4, in this new trailer!

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