Sunset Overdrive Wont Run Over 900p or 30FPS, According to Insomniac Games President

In an interview with IGN, Insomniac Games president Ted Price commented that Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac’s much anticipated game of  2014, will not run over 900p or 30fps, much to the surprise of the games Beta players. Most beta players assumed that Insomniac would enhance the frame rate, believing that the lower frame rate was part of the Beta testing.

Price commented that even with a 10% performance return from Microsoft, giving Insomniac developers the option to disable Kinect’s skeletal recognition program, it would not improve the overall game-play of Overdrive. And gamers that have XboxOne have noticed that the companies early releases have seen more of a 900p, instead of 1080p, for the larger, more resource heavy games. 1080p will be primarily used in games that are more linear and less resources based.

“This game really does push the limits when it comes to the number of enemies on screen, so it was useful for us to have more CPU juice to help with physics, navigation and AI. We’re running at 900p and 30 fps native. This is a game with a lot on the screen and we made the choice to be at 900 because we wanted to push the level of detail, action, the size of the city and the views you can experience as move around.” 

This was an ongoing issue of FPS during the Xbox360 and PS3 era, where major title games dropped below 30fps and were released with 20fps instead. Will this continue  during the PS4 and XboxOne era? Gamers should expect this, as developers and console companies want to push their latest major titles as soon as possible.

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(Source: IGN)

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