Warhorse Studios Releases Kingdom Come: Deliverance Video Update #8

This week Warhorse Studios released the 8th update on their upcoming medieval open world RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The video begins by expressing gratitude to contributors for helping the Studio reach its two-million dollar goal in the Go Fund Me Campaign in only 5 months!

Next, apologies were expressed for the delay of the alpha release being set back to October 22nd. The stated reasoning for this delay was the time consuming task of setting up the new video capturing studio and capturing movements for NPCs. 

Emphasis was made that the October 22nd alpha release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be a very limited preview of the game. Players can expect to experience one village, NPC life cycles, and simple sample quests. Although neither horseback riding nor combat will be available initially, Warhorse promised to be added both features in the future. New features are expected to be added every two months.

The video continues with a tour of “The Cave”, Warhorse’s new Motion capture studio which uses their newly purchased OptiTrack motion capture system to create life like characters. The tour also includes a brief walk-through of the motion capture process including the use of props.

An animator update is given featuring the process of  free scanned heads which help Deliverance characters come to life.     

The update from the Graphics and Design Department includes the promise of more animals and vegetation, as well as a glimpse of the bright life like building interiors which will feature paintings and tapestries customary of medieval structures.

The video’s wrap-up begins with a big thank you to Saint Ester, the largest donor to the project, and an overview of recent media coverage. 

If you only have a few minutes to view the video, skip ahead to 11:04 to see the experimental combat preview, and the “work-in-progress teaser”, which are both well worth your time.

The Alpha Release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance will only be available on PC.  However, players who purchase the game for PS4 and Xbox One can play the game on PC until the full version is released.  Alpha will be available through the Warhorse website. Warhorse will send players a Key via email after purchase. 

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