Sonic Is On An All New Adventure In New Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Trailer

Nintendo and Sega released a new trailer for the latest installment in the Sonic franchise, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. It promises to be perhaps the most unique game in the franchise thus far, having what appears to be shades of Mass Effect in its plot.

In Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric, Sonic stumbles upon an ancient tomb after foiling a plan of Doctor Eggman. There he accidentally awakens an ancient evil called Lyric. Lyric’s goal is to destroy all biological life on the planet and replace it with robotic life. Confronted with this new and formidable threat, Sonic must assemble a crack team of old and new friends to successfully defeat Lyric and his alliance with Sonic’s traditional nemesis, Doctor Eggman.

Game play wise it appears to be a more traditional Sonic game, eschewing some of the more obscure mechanics like board riding and focusing instead on speedy stages mixed with exploration based levels and boss fights. Keeping with the theme of team building, Rise of Lyric allows the player to switch between multiple characters each with their own unique play-style, powers, and abilities.

Sonic BOOM Rise of Lyric is slated for release November 11th and 21st in the US and EU regions respectively and December 18th in Japan of this year. Be sure to follow us @APGNation for more gaming news and reviews.

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