Meet Styx in the Styx Master of Shadows Launch Trailer

Meet Styx; our short, ugly, green protagonist in the Styx: Master of Shadows Launch Trailer by Cyanide Studio. In this trailer we learn a little more about Styx and his Goblin kind. Though Styx is a mystery even to himself he does have the memory of a dead tree and a dried lake bed to guide him as he navigates his way up the immense Tower of Akenas. Styx must use Stealth and cunning to avoid dangers both human and monstrous as he makes his ascent; all while seeking to uncover and unlock the mysteries that the tower hides as he moves ever closer to his ultimate goal the Life-Tree.

Game play wise, Styx promises sprawling levels in both the vertical and horizontal axis with multiple paths towards your goal. You will complete numerous missions in the tower ranging from theft of precious artifacts to information gathering and even murder.

Styx has a host of unique and interesting abilities which includes vomiting up a pile of bile that quickly forms into a clone of himself, which he can utilize for distractions and even use to eliminate his enemies, as well as turning invisible for a short period and poisoning the food by tainting it with his natural poison. Despite being short Styx is quite strong, capable of lifting and hiding the bodies of anyone he might slay on his quest for the Life-tree. 

Styx Master of Shadows is being released for download on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms. Join Styx October 7th to sneak, steal and kill your way up the Tower of Akenas, and be sure to follow us @APGNation for our Official Review of this game and news.

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