Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Coming To Steam

Metal Gear Solid 5 comes to PC this winter with Ground Zeroes. The prologue to the upcoming Metal Gear 5: The Phantom Pain which will land on consoles and PC sometime next year. In Ground Zeroes players once more take on the role of the legendary solider known as Big Boss, the man whom Solid Snake was cloned from, as he infiltrates a gigantic prison complex known as “Camp Omega” in 1975.

The PC version of the game will feature several visual enhancement over its console counterpart, including an increase in light source, revised shadow effects, and the ability to have more characters on screen at any given time. The game will also be 4K compatible, allowing gamers to experience the Metal Gear universe in unparallelled detail and graphics.

You’ll be able to help Big Boss in his mission on December 18th, when Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes finally comes to Steam. And while it won’t help save the world, you can follow us on Twitter @APGNation for all of the latest in gaming news and reviews. You can also find me on Twitter @Fluffyharpy, for all of the latest in rambling tweets about nothing in particular.

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