Alien Isolation Launches With A Scream

Alien Isolation turns on the terror this Tuesday (Oct 7th) hitting storefronts with a scream. Horror aficionados and long time Alien fans are sure to enjoy the survival horror game by Creative Assembly. Alien Isolation is the studio’s first foray into the horror genre. Creative Assembly is best known for their Total War series, but with a title like Alien: Isolation as their entry title into the horror genre it may not be what they are best know for long. 

The Launch trailer alone was enough to make me tense, something about the design of Xenomorphs instills a sense of dread. What ever it is about the classic Aliens one thing is not in doubt, Twentieth Century Fox and Sega made a smart decision backing and utilizing the Alien franchise for a horror game. The only questionable decision is why it took so long to happen. With so many fantastic indie games dominating the horror genre in recent memory, Alien Isolation promises to be an AAA horror game that horror fans deserve.

Alien: Isolation isn’t just for horror fans though, long time fans of the Alien franchise will be pleased as they return to the classic Alien setting. A lone survivor and her struggle to survive against a creature from the darkest depths of space. Sevastopol station drips atmosphere and has an attention to detail that Alien fans will love.  Fans of the franchise will enjoy being dragged back into the universe of Ridley Scott’s classic film Alien.

“The game the Alien series has always deserved.” PC Gamer, 93%
“This terrifying game is a passionate homage to a horror classic, and a rich well-designed stealth experience in its own right.” Guardian, 5/5.
“Alien: Isolation is an absolute triumph in every department.”  Games TM, 9/10

Fans will also want to pick up the Alien Isolation Season Pass, offering up to 25% discount on the six months of Survivor Mode add-on packs, the first of which is scheduled to release on October 28th. Survivor mode pits the player against the alien in a one-on-one confrontation deep within the bowels of Sevastopol station. With limited resources and a hunter on each map players will have to utilize their wits to over come a unique set of challenges and obstacles that will lead to their escape from the alien. 

Alien Isolation is available now on Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360 as well as Sony’s Playstation Three and Four and PC. 

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