Kerbal Space Program Takes Off With Economic Boom Update

The award winning space agency simulator, Kerbal Space Program, released the Economic Boom update today. The update contains several key components that allows players to change how their own space agency runs. Buildings at the agency are now fully destructible and can be damaged in rocket accidents costing players funds to repair them and reputation for damaging them. Reputation is a new form of currency that players can accrue and spend on various things in the game’s career mode. No longer will players just have to worry about their cash flow and science score, but also how they are perceived in the world of Kerbal.  

This update also includes new buildings. One of these is the administration facility in which players can set one of three strategies for administering their space program. Strategies effect funding, science and reputation in unique ways and can shape the progress of the players space program to a dramatic degree. Such as:

  • Aggressive Negotiations: Enables players to get a discount on the cost of parts but at a cost to Reputation on each ‘discount.’
  • Open-Sourced Technologies: Divert Science earnings to make them public domain, increasing Reputation.
  • Unpaid Intership Program: Boost your Science earnings without spending any Funds by hiring unpaid interns to do the data crunching. Working for the Space Program surely is its own reward, isn’t it? Well, as long as an agency’s Reputation lasts that is.

Kerbal developers also worked with Christopher “PorkJet” Thuersam, to incorporate his popular Spaceplane+ mod into the main game. Each part was updated by the KSP dev team and to offer players parts that work not just with space planes, but in as many combinations as possible.

Kerbal Space program is 40% off on STEAM and the KSP STORE.

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Source:Steam Community

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