Latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Adds Music Kits

The good guys and gals at Valve have released their latest update for their hit FPS, Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Unfortunately for Team Fortress fans it doesn’t include collectible hats. Instead the update includes Music Kits. They are a special offer to Counter-Strike GO players intended to help them establish their identity in the game. Players can share their music kit with anyone who they are playing with and each kit includes a special MVP anthem that will play for everyone (when you are the MVP). 

I want mine to play AC/DC

What a music kit replaces at glance

These Music Kits features music made exclusively for Counter-Strike Global offensive by famous composers from diverse genres.

Currently there are nine music kits available, I imagine future updates will add more Music Kits as well. It seems valve have been working hard to utilize the sound studio they have at their offices in Bellevue. Between these Music Kits and the new music released for Dota 2 Valve is clearly aware of the added enjoyment a great sound track can bring to a game and how after so many years even the best sound track can get stale. I imagine if these are a success other developers will look to release new soundtracks for competitive games they expect to have a longevity well past the one or two-year mark.

Music kits that are currently available are:

  • “Desert Fire” by Austin Wintory
  • “Crimson Assault” by Daniel Sadowski
  • “Death’s Head” by Dren
  • “High Noon” by Feed Me
  • “Sharpened” by Noisia
  • “Insurgency” by Robert Allaire
  • “Lnoe” by Sasha
  • “A*D*8” by Sean Murray
  • “Metal” by Skog

Music kits are currently available in-game via offers or on the steam Market. 

Click here to learn more about Music Kits and Valve latest update to Counter-Strike GO

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