Watch The Top Six Moments Of ESL One New York

Fear’s Brew Master Micro

In this first video we have Fear, of Evil Geniuses playing Brew Master amazingly with expert Micro and timing. He drops alchemist from his tornado. This sort of thing takes excellent game awareness something Fear has developed in his long history in the scene.


Lod[A]’s Triple kill

Next up we have Lod[A] with a triple kill as terrorblade, after being split off from his team in the middle of a hectic team fight. Forcing back even the death prophet with the sheer amount of damage he is pushing out.



Team Secret’s Kuroky Escaping The Spirit Breaker

Team Secret’s Kuroky on the Antimage, has an amazing escape from the spirit breakers charge, with a well timed and risky mana void to break the charge.



Na’Vi’s FNG blocking IceIceIce in the trees as Treant Protector.

In this clip we see FNG playing treant protector use his invisibility to block IceIceIce (tiny) in the trees and allows for an easy gank by the rest of his team.



Team Secret’s Kuroky turning around a 4 man gank with a chronosphere

Kuroky with team secret (on void), in this clip turns around a four man gank on himself with a chronosphere and forces out the GG. This sort of decision making separates the pros from the amateurs. 



Alliance VS Evil Genius base race

If you want to see tense watch this short five minute clip and the base race between Alliance vs Evil Genisues. This is the definition of a close game.



If you want to watch the rest of the series check out the ESL One playlist and be sure to follow us @APGNation for more esports news, gaming news and reviews. 

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