Google Unveils Their Nexus Player And Brings Android Games To The TV

Yesterday Google unveiled their Nexus Player, a media device designed to bring all your favorite multimedia apps as well as Google’s search functionality to your living room TV. This is similar to what the Chromecast but will have much more hardware behind it presumable allowing it to run many more apps and such beyond the few simple ones built into Google’s Chromecast device. The Nexus is designed to handle Google Play Games, offering free multiplayer and its own specially designed controller. As well as achievement syncing between your android devices.


Jeremy Effinger
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I am 26, a bibliophile, an amateur chef, and a gamer. I've gamed on the NES, SNES, PS1 and PS2 platforms, before switching to PC as my primary gaming platform. These days I tend to fill my gaming time playing Dota 2, and various RPGs of the WRPG or CRPG variety. I also enjoy the occasional shooter, open world game, 4x strategy games, stealth, and turn based games. I'm also an avid table top gamer and have been playing the same campaign weekly for the last four years.

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