Advanced Warfare Clan App And Multiplayer Maps Revealed

As the release date of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare draws ever closer, we are beginning to learn more and more about the game’s content and what gamers can expect from the title when it is released next month. Firstly, a new app, called Clan Wars, will launch on November 15th and 16th and allows players to coordinate their clan activities with various options including being able to create emblems, browsing a war room where you can keep track of clan-related statistics, and a scheduling option to allow players to find times for matches that all player can agree on.

Also revealed as of late was the return of several popular multiplayer modes, including Gun Mode, in which players all begin with the same basic pistol and must kill one another to upgrade their armaments, and Infected, in which players are divided into two groups, the survivors and the infected, each with different goals. Survivors must win the match without becoming infected, while the infected by defeat as many survivors as possible.


Sources also have stated a list of maps that can be found within the game’s expansive multiplayer experience as follows:

– Ascend

– Bio Lab

– Comeback

– Defender

– Detroit

– Greenband

– Horizon

– Instinct

– Recovery

– Retreat

– Riot

– Solar

– Terrace

Advanced Warfare hits stores on November 3rd, and you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll be covering the launch right up to the smallest detail both here on the our website and on Twitter @APGNation.

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