Exclusive Interview – The Future Of Cmoar

Recently, we had the privilege of interviewing CEO, Damian Boczek. Mr. Boczek, and team are working on their upcoming Virtual Reality (VR) device named Cmoar.

Q: To start, why don’t you tell our viewers who aren’t as familiar with you what your company does?

A: We are trying to bring to the market professional projection goggles that use a smartphone which we could call the technology heart of the whole device. Cmoar has swappable lenses, thanks to which every user can decide himself what kind of effect he wants to achieve. Each lenses set consists of 2D, 3D and VR. Cmoar allows you also to use the Augmented Reality feature. And all that in an incredible image quality, depending of course on the type of smartphone used.

Q: Why mobile phone capable? None of your competitors seem to be going the mobile route. Do you think that’s a mistake or are they avoiding a market with less potential value?

A: The most expensive part of each [set of VR] goggles is the electronics they use. So since these days

Not entirely competitors because unlike Oculus our goggles are not for VR only

smartphones define the the boundaries of technological progress, then the question is, “Why force an average user of projection goggles to pay again for something that he already has in his pocket?” Thanks to the fact that Cmoar uses smartphones, the device itself is always as technologically advanced as the smartphone, that is its heart, itself. Once you change your old phone into a new model, what you get at the same time are the brand new projection goggles without any additional costs. This solution allows also to keep the goggles work fully wirelessly. 

Q: What’s the feature you’re most excited for?

A: Each and every single feature of our device was prototyped with the end user in mind so it’s not like we prefer one over another. We’ve spent the same amount of time on every feature to make sure they are all polished. When it comes to myself, I’m a cinema and gaming fan, so the lenses that I use most often are those dedicated to the streaming of 2D and 3D images. The quality of it and the size of the screen are really incredible!

Q: So assuming your business is a booming success, what’s next? What kind of things can we hope for if you’re the future of AR?

A: If we succeed, Cmoar will go to mass production and everybody will be able to use all the features it has to offer. We’ll keep developing our own software for it along with amazing mobile games and apps. First results of our work can be checked here:

[Here, Damian gave us some links:] Cmoar AR RPG and Cmoar VR Cinema


Q: Your primary competitor, Oculus Rift, was recently bought by Facebook for $2 Billion. Does that concern you?

A: We try to focus completely on our own work. There are 8 of us in the team currently and the whole project is financed from the private capital of the Cmoar

See the world that literally shows up in full 3D before our eyes
originator. Thanks to all that, we know exactly how much you need to sacrifice to succeed on this market. When it comes to our relationship with Oculus we can tell you that Palmer Luckey had a chance to test our goggles at E3 this year. The way I see it we are not entirely competitors because unlike Oculus our goggles are not for VR only. And we are always wishing all the best to other companies out there.

Q: Is there anything that the average consumer might miss when looking into your product? Something that would set you apart?

A: Most of all, something we are trying to emphasize at all times is the fact that Cmoar is not only VR! Our goggles also have features dedicated to the fans of 2D and 3D image. The streaming methods that we use with our device allow [devices] to send the image with almost no loss in quality straight to Cmoar. Which, in result, means that our goggles allow you to play any PC or console game or watch 2D and 3D movies in an amazing image quality and no visible pixels.


Each lens allows you also to use the Augmented Reality (AR) feature that, along with the software we’ve prepared, is something that makes Cmoar stand out from [other] competitive products.

All the videos that demonstrate and explain all the features can be found on our official You Tube channel, feel invited to check it out.

Q: What’s the most fun you’ve had with your own product? What were you doing with it?

A: Using the Augmented Reality feature is great fun. What you need to achieve the basic effect is the smartphone, obviously, and a marker, but the use of Cmoar allows you to bring the whole thing to a brand new level. Thanks to 3D and VR lenses we get the image of an incredible depth and in result see the world that literally shows up in full 3D before our eyes. We can observe characters and levels from any angle, we can zoom everything in and out. We can, of course, play the game thanks to the head tracking and hand tracking feature. This is really an incredible fun and everybody should get a chance to try it out themselves.

The Cmoar is available for preorder through their Kickstarter and more information about their product can be found on their website.

Obviously, we want to thank Damian for his time and hope to hear more from them as they continue to grow as a company.

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