Elite Dangerous Beta 3 Is Live New Ships, New Industry

Elite Dangerous released their beta 3 update today. Notable new features include Asteroid mining, fuel scooping from the surface of stars, ship interdiction (yarrr!) as well as a couple new ships and a host of new graphical improvements. The update also featured new audio content, and huge amount of bug and performance fixes.


Eve Online veterans will be familiar with mining mechanics, its more involved than Eve Online but the basics are there. Shoot Asteroid, gather ore, refine. The big differences being you manually shoot chunks of ore off an asteroid, manually collect the floating chunks of ore and then refine it right there on the ship into usable material. Having watched a video on the new mining I am a bit worried that it may be even more tedious than Eve Online’s mining system. While its less automated and more involved it’s also still just shooting rocks, except now you have to manually fly around and collect the bits of ore. Perhaps it won’t be so bad, with a friend or a large mining ship assuming it has some sort of method for tractoring ore bits automatically to itself rather than flying about and collecting them.

I’ve not put hands on the game but I’ve been keeping up with the games progress via YouTube and I must say that I’m really excited for the commercial release. It looks to be the best space sim made in some time. Sure the game on everyone’s lips is Star Citizen but if they aren’t careful even Star Citizen could release to find the market already dominated by Elite Dangerous. It’s an exciting time to be a space simulator fan regardless though.

For a full list of the changes in Elite Dangerous’ Beta 3 update: click here

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