Gamers for Giving 2015 Tournaments Announced

Gamers for Giving, a competitive tournament/LAN party held yearly at the University of Eastern Michigan, has recently announced their slate of tournament titles for the 2015 event.

The tournament games are as follows:

PC Games

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

League of Legends

Starcraft 2

Console Games

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Xbox One)

Halo 2: Anniversary (Xbox One)

Peggle 2 World Championship (Xbox One)

Super Smash Brothers (WiiU)

Gamers for Giving hopes to raise $25,000 from the event to raise awareness and help provide resources for the Gamers Outreach Foundation. The aforementioned foundation helps build portable gaming carts to donate to children’s hospitals and outreach clinics along with sending video game care packages to U.S. troops overseas.

The annual event is held in the Grand Ballroom of the University of Eastern Michigan’s Student Center during the weekend of February 21st and 22nd, 2015. Those wishing to compete in PC games section of the tournament brackets need only purchase a seat for the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN party. There will be a small tournament fee associated with entry into the console tournaments as well. Those wishing to simply spectate, however, can do so free of charge. All tournaments will feature prize pools that guaranteed (details to come in the next few weeks).

The event will kick off during the morning hours of Saturday the 21st and continue through the late hours of Sunday evening on the 22nd. The entirety of the Gamers for Giving event will be streamed live via Twitch along with eSports personalities providing commentary, interviews and analysis.

Mark your calendars, folks! February 21-22, 2015 will be a big weekend for eSports, fundraising and gamers everywhere. Not only will we get to see some intense Starcraft 2, Counter-Strike and League action but a Smash Brothers and Halo 2 tourney too? That is a jam-packed weekend for sure. More details regarding info on purchasing a seat in the BYOC LAN section and entrance into the console tournaments will be distributed in the next few weeks along with a full streaming/tournament schedule. All of this info and more can be found at: Gamers for Giving. You can also find more about the Gamers Outreach Foundation here.


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