Paradox Introduces Resources In 3rd Cities Skylines Dev Diary

The third Dev Dairy for Cities Skylines has arrived. The developers over at Paradox Interactive focused on introducing the primary resources they will need to utilize or exploit in order to build the city of their dreams this time around. Paradox appears to be marketing the game to fans of SimCity who were understandably disappointed with EA’s latest installment of that franchise. It is clear that would-be city-builders want something more fully featured and lacking the online baggage. From what I have seen thus far of Cities: Skylines it may very well live up to those lofty promises. It even promises to ship with support for modding, as most of Paradox’s games to-date have, allowing the community to craft their own unique buildings, features and maps. I hope someone does a mod for Westeros. 

Cities Skylines Farms

Agriculture is one of the main resources your city will rely upon.

The resources are broken down into two main categories: Renewable and Nonrenewable. Renewable resources are Forest, and Fertile Land which can be utilized indefinitely so long as players do not over harvest or pollute the land with other industries. Nonrenewable resources are Ore and Oil which have a large supply but will eventually run out regardless of how they are harvested. I do question why resources don’t include very basic things like fresh water, and I’d hope that Sun and wind resources are also in the game even if in a more limited capacity. After all, how else will we know where to build our wind farms and solar farms? The Creation Trailer (seen below) seems to hint that these things are indeed in the game but they may not be considered “resources” so much as special zones.

Nonrenewable resources provide a large boost to a cities economy but are ultimately limited while renewable resources provide a much smaller boost but are practically infinite in nature. Ore and Oil can be utilized for power production and excess goods can be sold to other cities. Over all Cities: Skylines appears to be shaping up to be a serious competitor for the much vaunted SimCity franchise, and given the poor quality of the last SimCity game Paradox was wise to pursue this project with the vigor it has. Given the quality of all of Paradox’s games to date I imagine fans won’t be disappointed when it comes time to buy.

Source: Cities Skylines 3rd Dev Diary.

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