Halo 2: Anniversary – Remaking The Legend Now On Xbox

Remaking The Legend – Halo 2: Anniversary is now available on Xbox Video. The feature length documentary details the efforts to remake Halo 2, a classic of the original Xbox era, to current industry standards and the techniques they had to use to both update Halo 2 graphically and to preserve the spirit of the original. Xbox One owners will be able to get their hands on the remade Halo 2: Anniversary November 11th (2014) as part of the Master Chief Collection. As of now 343 studios has no plans to release Halo 2: Anniversary as a standalone game similar to Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

I only have hazy memories of Halo 2 myself. I was a fan of Halo on the PC but played the second game on the Xbox. I can recall being very tired at the end of a 16+ hour marathon playthrough. Looking at all the effort that has went into remaking Halo 2 makes me smile though. It’s a unique way to preserve video game history that can’t really be done with any other medium. Some purists might argue that it really isn’t preserving anything, but I disagree. A well done remake does preserve a game as well as introducing a classic to a whole new generation of gamers. Now if only I could convince Microsoft to release Halo 3 for the PC so I can actually finish the fight.

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