Our Nation’s Review of Hi-sCool Seha Girls Episode 3

It’s that time of week again, good citizens of the APGNation, as our heroines once more grace the small screen in the newest episode of Hi-sCool Seha Girls! This week Dreamcast, Mega Drive, and Saturn discuss their job prospects after graduation, the life of a weather girl, and we learn that it is not a good idea to make a geeky girl dance if she doesn’t want to. So, lets dive in, shall we?

This week’s episode opens with the girls wondering what they will be doing after highschool. Dreamcast then suggests to Saturn that she should become a weather girl, as it would give her a place that she could use her looks and personality to attract a huge audience. Dreamcast, with some help from Mega Drive, then spin a rather goofy tale of Saturn’s possible future, much to her dismay, as a fantasy version of herself marries a baseball player, is divorced by that same baseball player, is forced into a life of destitution selling flowers on a street corner, then somehow marries that same baseball player again, who is now a fishermen.


After this delusional fantasy tour through Dreamcast’s vivid imagination, Saturn returns to Space 1 and decides to give weather reporting a try anyway. This leads her to try and give the weekly weather for the nation of Japan, as you can see above, but is thwarted when Mega drive instead puts up a map of Bosnia.


As you can see, Mega Drive is also just as a big a werido as Dreamcast, and, for some reason, seems to be planning a to study abroad in the war-torn country for unknown reasons. Anyway, after Saturn successfully gives her very first weather report, Mega Drive then steps in to give it a go herself. However, as Mega Drive proves to be more intellectual then cute, the other girls must give her lessons on how to attract a male audience.


This backfires, as Mega Drive cannot suppress her analytic tendencies, and ends overheating as she attempts to pull off “cute.” After all of this, the girls finally get their next class assignment and jump into the world of Space Channel 5, a rhythm game originally released for the Sega Dreamcast in 1999. I won’t spoil the rest, but we do get to see that Mega Drive is too shy to dance, as many nerdy girls are, and decides that she’d rather pull a Solid Snake and hide inside a cardboard box then show off in front of a live TV audience.

Anyway,I didn’t like this episode as a whole for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the weather girl segment takes up nearly 3/4 of the episode, and does little to develop the girls, or advance the plot, in any meaningful way. It also serves to exemplify what I think is the biggest issue with this anime overall, the 11 minute run time. Because each episode is only half as long as a standard anime episode, it feels like plots are often stretched out over 2 episodes with filler, like the weather girl weirdness, inserted in between the game-related segments, which, as you likely all know, is the main draw of the anime in the first place. This poor pacing makes waiting for the good stuff week to week frustrating, primarily because I know SeHa Girls is capable of much better then this.


And we know this because, the second the girls arrive in the world of Space Channel 5, things begin to pick up and the quality goes up dramatically. So here’s my overview for the week, SeHa Girls is fun, cute, and interesting…when it is focused on its source material, and not going off on strange tangents that do not related to anything in particular. For these reasonms I give episode 3 of SeHa Girls a 6.5/10, Better luck next week, girls.

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