This War Of Mine Trailer – The Things That Take Us Back

Gearing up for their November 14th release date 11bit Studios has released a new trailer for their upcoming title This War Of Mine. The trailer titled “The Things that Take us Back” demonstrates some gameplay elements of This War of Mine but also show cases the game’s evocative visual design and unique gameplay scenario. This War of Mine has the player attempting to aid a group of civilians in their efforts to survive in a war torn area. Players will be scavenging for supplies at night, repairing and building your base during the day all while trying to avoid the attention of both sides of the conflict. Things go wrong and you’re challenged to deal with them. Do not expect to be picking up an M16 and going to down on your enemies as This War of Mine is not that type of game.

Despite being an indie game from a rather small studio This War Of Mine has garnered some strong buzz. It remains to be seen if it can live up to the story it’s trying to tell or will fall short of its goals. Regardless it looks like a unique and interesting game told from a perspective not often (or never) seen in the industry. I’m personally not sold on it as it looks really depressing but that may actually be a strength and even what 11bit Studios was aiming for.

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