Internet Archive Lets You Play Over 900 Classic Games In Your Browser

Those looking to relive the glory days of retro gaming will have to look no further then the Internet Archive’s Internet Arcade, where over 900 classic games from across three decades can be played right in your internet browser. The Arcade represents an interesting step in the Internet Archive’s endless quest to catalog our digital history so that it might be preserved for future generations, as it places video gaming into the same level of importance as classic concerts, movies,  photographs, and even screenshots of webpages that allow users to track the evolution of sites such as Amazon, Google, and more.


Among the games playable through the service are such classics as Bionic Commando, Dig Dug, and and Pac-Man. Each game is reproduced faithfully on the website via the use of JSMAME emulation software that reproduces each game as it would have appeared in the dark and dusty arcades of decades past. For those too young to remember the era when the arcade ruled videogaming and many a child dropped an allowance’s worth of quarters in these titles, the Internet Arcade serves as a interesting and fun way to experience the early days of our beloved pastime.

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