Dawngate Canceled Before Launch, Refunds Incoming.

EA’s premiere MOBA Dawngate by Waystone Games, meant to have an ultra flexible meta and an evolving story driven plot has been canceled before ever leaving open beta. This announcement was made today by Matt Bromberg of Dawngate and Waystone Games. It would seem that EA thinks Dawngate is not the MOBA they want to compete against the heavyweights in the genre, mainly League and, increasing exponentially it seems, DOTA 2.


Dawngate will continue to operate for the next 90 days as development ends and the studio undertakes the task of closing the project. Additionally EA and Waystone Gamess are issuing refunds for any purchases made during the open beta by players. Which they say should start happening in the next 10 days or so.

Honestly I feel like this is the first of many MOBAs we will see die off as the games industry continues to shift and the smaller competitors to the big names out there get squeezed out by market forces and the ability of their competitors to weather the tidal forces to the market. I don’t blame EA for not wanting to commit with a rather small entry into the moba genre and sink money into a genre they are frankly late to the party with. Blizzard has Heroes Of The Storm coming out shortly and with the massive financial power of Blizzard and the huge IP that they hold  behind the game, they will make a large impact on the market. However a fresh IP without the sort of fan base that Blizzard commands would have a truly difficult time in an increasingly crowded market.

I’m curious what EA will do with Waystone Games if they intend to disolve the studio alongside Dawngate or if they intend to retask them on some other project. Hopefully if its the latter the studio can take what it learned from making Dawngate and apply it to what ever their new endeavor is.

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