Gods And Idols: 4X Space Gaming Action

In Gods and Idols you play as a mighty god who can bend the very universe to his whim with a snap of your fingers, bringing life and death to galaxies as you see fit in a persistent online 4x tactical space game experience. Gods and Idols sees a player traversing one of thousands of mysterious galaxies, finding planets, mining asteroids, scouring the universe at large for Essence, a substance that forms the basis of a Gods power and allows them to preform miraculous feats. Being a multiplayer experience, gamers will have to pit their own conquests against those of people across the globe as they vie for power in the endless expanse of space.


To carry out your conquest of the universe, players will take control of a fleet of spacecraft equipped with hyper technology far beyond that of mortal kin. Moving your fleet across the cosmos you will encounter planets and other celestial bodies which you, as a powerful being, must choose to do with as you please. Will you seed the far reaches of space with life Or blast them into a thousand pieces with the might of a primal super nova? It is all up to you in Gods and Idols.

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Nicole Seraphita
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My name is Nicole Seraphita and I’m 27. I’ve been gaming since the days of the NES and have owned at least one system from each generation since then. My favorite type of games if most definitely RPGs, with my favorites being titles like Chrono Cross, Persona 4, and Tales of Xillia, though I also sometimes dabble in platforming games, fighting games, and visual novels. When I’m not writing for APGNation or playing games, I enjoy table top and card games, watch anime, and write fiction that I occasionally publish online. I tend to write a lot of Sci-fi and the occasional bit of fantasy, with the often overlooked sub-genre of Biopunk being my favorite. I’ve also written a few visual novels, though only one of them has made it all the way to completion thus far. My current dream is to be able to bring the Monster Girl genre to a western audience.

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