Freebie Friday: Get Metro 2033 and Little big Adventure Free

Its Friday here at the Nation and what’s better than heading into your weekend with free games? That’s right, its Freebie Friday and that means APGNation has all the info on how to get great free games. Today we have Metro 2033 and Little Big Adventure. You can pickup Metro 2033 over at the Humble Bundle store, and even get a second copy for a friend. Humble bundle is giving away Metro 2033 in celebration of their 1 year birthday. You can pick up Little Big Adventure over at GOG.COM. They are giving away this great classic game in celebration of its 20th anniversary and them adding French language support to their site. Both games are great as is and they’re free!

Freebie Friday Metro 2033

 Metro 2033 is a survival horror first-person shooter set in a post apocalyptic Moscow. The games currency system is based around ammo, which is itself fairly rare. The game aims to be as immersive as possible with it’s lack a traditional health meter and on the hardest difficulty there isn’t even a HUD at all. Metro 2033 even has multiple endings based upon a Karma system. There are few shooters this immersive on the market.

Freebie Friday Little Big Adventure

Little Big Adventure is a unique action adventure game that was originally published in 1994. Set on a planet orbiting between two suns, which causes a Polar region around the planet’s equator, you assume the role of Twinsen. Once you are in the shoes of Twinsen you must defeat Dr Funrock’s evil cone army and free your girlfriend Zoe. Combat in the game is conducted via a magic floating ball which changes based upon what “stance” the player is in it. Little Big Adventure is a non-linear semi free roaming game that allows the player to access different parts of the world once they solve certain puzzles or quests. It’s a truly unique game and a classic worth picking up for anyone who appreciate a good game despite its age.

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