Blizzcon 2014: Starcraft II: Legacy of The Void Revealed

Starcraft II‘s progression over the last few years has all culminated into the final chapter of the ongoing saga, Legacy of the Void. centered around the race known as the Protoss Legacy of the Void will not only bring about another perspective to the already expansive narrative of the Starcraft universe but, with it, a lot of additional balance changes, units and new modes of play that should excite veterans and newbies alike.

Once the opening ceremony for Blizzcon ended Blizzard launched the Legacy of the Void preview site which showcases key characters, trailers for multiplayer changes along with a means to jump into the narrative even if you haven’t necesarily played the prior two chapters. New multiplayer modes include Archon (Two Player Single-Base Control), Allied Commanders (Objective Based Co-Op) and an Automated Tournament system that occurs daily via

So which units will be making their way into the game thanks to Legacy of the Void?


Two new units are available for the Terran. The Cyclone (a very speedy unit) and the Herc, a grappling Barracks soldier that can get up close and personal with other ground units, making it great against Zerglings and Banelings in particular. Perhaps even more interesting? You can pick up and drop off Siege tanks while they’re in Siege mode. That’s a big change.


Lurkers are BACK! The return of one of the most popular Zerg units is one thing, but they are included amongst the new units like the Ravager, a big bruiser that spits spile and specializes in taking out force fields along with altered abilities to Infestors or Corruptors.


The Disruptor, a new unit, does splash damage and can become invulnerable briefly before unleashing an area of effect damage that is quite effective. The Immortal gets a few armor tweaks, Tempest is redesigned entirely along with a welcome change to Carriers regarding their Interceptors and how they work.

This will, no doubt, have a humongous effect on the eSports side of Starcraft II‘s existence and it should be interesting to see how the professional gamers who specialize in this RTS adapt to those incoming changes. The Blizzcon-hosted Starcraft World Championship Series Finals will be occuring this weekend as well. It serves as the culmination of numerous events throughout the year to crown the ultimate Starcraft II champion. The prize pools is bigger than ever and, as of this year, an entirely new arena was constructed just for the WCS and its competitors.

The third and conclusive chapter to the Starcraft II story does not have definitive release date as of yet but you can sign up for Beta access via opting in from a Battle.Net account. If you’ve never played Starcraft II and would like to get started, though, the Starter Edition (for free) is still available that allows for players to experience missions from the campaign, experiment with multiplayer and mess around with Starcraft Arcade.

More updates regarding Legacy of the Void will be posted as they come down the pipe along with reports regarding the progress of the finals of the Starcraft World Championship Series. Be sure to follow @APGNation for more gaming news and reviews!

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