Get A Refresher On Assassin’s Creed Before Unity

If you’re like me, its been a while since you played Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and the story has become a little hazy; that is if you even paid attention to it instead of being entirely focused on finding new sea shanties and shouting yarrr randomly at the top of your lungs. So when gearing up for Assassin’s Creed Unity I was looking to refresh my memory on just what went down story wise in Black Flag. I could vaguely recall that there was an evil video game company and that there wasn’t enough monkey’s in the game. Beyond that though most of Black Flag was a hazy blur of sea shantys and booty jokes.

 So I’ve been kind enough to scour the darkest parts of the internet (Reddit) and find you this video which does a pretty good job of summing up just what exactly went down in Black Flag. That is, if you’re not already reinstalling the game because I mentioned Sea Shanties. Don’t worry as there are no spoilers for AC:Unity in the video. Not even the stuff that has been leaked.

If you didn’t play Black Flag I’d recommend it; it’s probably the best in the franchise since Assassin’s Creed 2, but if you’re not worried about spoilers for Black Flag and want to be caught up on the latest for Unity, got ahead and give it a watch.

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