[Updated] Halo 5 Leak: Multiplayer Shows Aim Down Sights

UPDATE: Read the latest about Halo 5 and the new mechanics revealed so far.

This Halo 5 leak regarding multiplayer mechanics may show something distressing to long time fans of the series who are afraid Halo might be going the CoD route. Aiming down sights has been discussed in the past and some hardcore fans seem utterly opposed to this idea, while others have embraced it. This multiplayer leak showcases  the ability aim down sights for a second or two. It also appears to be taking place on one of the Beta maps we have artwork for. It is unclear who leaked this or what build this is. Its possible that this could just be a test build for aim down sights and the feature will never make its way into the final game. 

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With the latest Call of Duty embracing unreal dodge mechanics and over the top scifi style weapons, and now Halo adopting or at least considering adopting CoD mechanics (perks, aim down sights etc). I wonder just how much “new” hardcore fans of either franchise can take before they are turned off by it all. That said, I hope Halo 5 is great even if it never does come to the PC. Maybe the return of futuristic shooters will mean we PC gamers will finally get a new Unreal Tournament

Update: More footage




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