Grand Theft Auto Online By The Numbers – Online Heists Coming Soon

Since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5‘s online component over a year ago, it is only natural to wonder just how many things players have stolen, blown up, destroyed and otherwise committed crimes against over that period of time. Well, thanks to the folks at Rockstar Games, we will not have to wonder much longer, as this nifty chart breaks down the most popular items, clothing, and cars in the game by the number of times they have been used by players online.


As you can see from the statistics, the world has spent a total of 5 million or so hours playing Grand Theft Auto Online over the course of an entire year. That is amazing by any stretch of the imagination and proves just how popular the series is amongst the gaming public. Also of note: clothing is by far the largest category of items used within the game ­— because if you’re going to commit wanton acts of murder and mayhem, you’re going to want to look good while doing it. This reasoning is also supported by the number of Super Cars stolen versus those of other types of vehicles. Rockstar Games also had this to say: “We know you’re all excited for more Updates to come and we’ve got some really exciting stuff in the works to continue adding to, expanding, and evolving the world of Grand Theft Auto Online — including the highly anticipated launch of Online Heists which will be available for all four consoles as the first GTA Online Update to happen after the game launches on PS4 and Xbox One. We’ll have some details on that very soon as well”.

So there you have it: the numbers don’t lie, people like playing Grand Theft Auto Online and enjoy dressing in fancy clothes and riding in fancy cars while doing so. For more gaming news, make sure to follow us on Twitter @APGNation.

Source: Rockstar Newswire

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