Valve Teases Oracle In New Dota 2 Update and Comic

Valve teases Oracle in their latest Dota 2 update blog titled “The Foreseer’s Contract“. The actual blog post doesn’t tell us much, but the content of the comic gives us a first look at Oracle and (in my opinion) hints at some big changes for our favorite blurry assassin, Mortred. Valve has also updated the Steam Workshop for Dota 2, added a vote queue, and streamlined the process to see item submissions from authors you follow. You can also survey submissions that your steam friends have recently voted for. These new features were implemented as a way to get new users of the Workshop to help vote and decide on what they’d like to see added to Dota 2.

This is just day one of the Foreseer’s Contract, Dota 2 update. I imagine over the coming days Valve will reveal Nerif’s character and backstory in the Dotaverse, as well as a preview of his abilities — which up until now have only been revealed in patch notes and code that has been combed over by enthusiastic fans. Fans actually know very little about Nerif the Oracle: he is one of the unreleased heroes who currently doesn’t have any voice lines already available in the main Dota 2 client. It is unclear at this point just who he will be voiced by — even Nerif’s gender is debatable, but given his physical appearance there is always a chance he’s some sort of genderless primordial being in the Dotaverse.

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