Just Cause 3 Details Revealed

APGNation reported earlier last week that Square Enix and Avalanche Studios broke word about the upcoming Just Cause 3  known for its over-the-top physics and downright ludicrous action-oriented gameplay, all in an open-world sandbox that challenges even the most top-tier players.

Just Cause 3

The original story, first reported on by Game Informer, was also hinted at by other bits of online evidence here and there, but there was no elaboration on many of the questions that some of the leaked screenshots brought up. Cristofer Sundberg, co-founder and chief creative officer of Avalanche Studios, confirmed via a company blog posting that Just Cause 3 will neither be a Free-to-Play game nor would it have any sort of micro-transaction system. The screenshots that alluded to a potential system were apparently from a much older build of the game and don’t reflect the project as it stands now. 

Rico will still be the game’s protagonist although he has noticeably aged since the last outing in 2010. He will sport a new grappling hook and wingsuit to get around an area nearly 400 square miles in size.

The fictional Mediterranean archipelago of Medici is where our hero will be combating General Di Ravello and his regime. All three of the game’s main areas will be explorable from the moment you get started. You’ll come across enemy billboards, loudspeakers, and other various propaganda items that, once destroyed, will allow Rico to claim the area and unlock fast travel/vehicle storage.

The control scheme has also been re-evaluated to make for a much tighter scheme that should help with the racing segments in Just Cause 3. The addition of former members of the Burnout team will also be noticeable during those sections of the game.

You can count on APGNation to let you, our loyal readers, know the moment more information drops on one of the gaming community’s favorite open-world sandbox games. Square Enix’ and Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause 3 will release in 2015 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. More gaming news and reviews can be found by following us on Twitter @APGNation

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