Fans Brace For Star Citizen Anniversary Sale

Fans are bracing for the annual Star Citizen Anniversary Sale. Funding for the game , as is to be expected, has dropped in recent weeks as fans prepare for ship deals to mark the anniversary for Star Citizen’s Kickstarter funding. Its unclear just what this years deals will be or if they will be on the same level as the previous years. Fans are hopeful that along with the sale some new development updates will also be detailed. Star Citizen’s sale last year was their largest crowd funding bump since their Kickstarter, netting them just over five-and-a-half million dollars in a single week, and over seven million for the month. Fans speculate that this year’s profits won’t be on the same magnitude because of the lack of lifetime insurance on new sales but they will have two years worth instead of the normal six month insurance.

Ben Lesnick a developer for Star Citizen had this to say about the upcoming sale:

Hey! I can’t detail the sale yet, but I can tell you that it will not be the same as last year’s sale. This time, all the ships (with the exception of those released in limited numbers, like the Idris) will be available for the entire week. Instead of unlocking just one a day, we’ll have posts highlighting several of the ships during the week, providing new info and art.

The Carrack won’t be this Friday, but it is coming very very soon! Once it’s a week out, we’ll announce.

To further clarify: that’s not ALL THE SHIPS EVER, it’s all the ships we’ll have in the sale. 🙂

It’s expected that the sale should put Star Citizen well over the sixty seven million dollars in total funding raised. It is hard for me to fathom that there are so many people out there that are willing to spend real money on digital spaceships but I have to admit after watching the various commercials for ships even I’m ready to whip out the old credit card and invest in a chance to explore the vast and dangerous universe that Star Citizen promises to players.

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