Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Expansion Announced

In a post titled “After Birth”, Binding of Isaac developers Nicalis have announced an expansion for the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. They expressed their shock and pleasure at just how fast hardcore Isaac fans have completed the game — many have already reached one hundred percent completion in just three weeks’ time. Many more players are rapidly closing in on one hundred percent completion as well. 

It is unclear if the title for the next expansion is “After Birth”— it could just be the title of the post in question or just an in-house working title for the planned expansion until a more thematic name like Wrath of Lamb can be found.

Several new features are discussed for the expansion, including a new game mode which should double the amount of gameplay for fans. Also mentioned is a host of new enemies to challenge fans of the series. New areas, playable characters, and items are all slated to be part of the expansion as well.

The most significant change for the expansion will be how Nicalis generates ideas for the upcoming expansion. Rather than going for the traditional option of designing the game entirely in-house, they are mining the vast Binding of Isaac community for ideas. They’ve invited users to post their ideas and vote for the ones they like in a topic over on The Binding of Isaac subreddit. Before you rush over to post, they’ve asked that fans to read the following guidelines before submitting anything.

1. Only suggest item effects, I’m not at all looking for item names/themes/visuals but only effects.


-a store item that rerolls the store and has a recharge of 3.

-a tear effect that turns your tears into…

-a trinket that makes a fart sound whenever you shoot

2. Do not suggest redundant items.


– an item that rerolls all items in the room with a recharge of 1

– an item like X but better.

3. do not suggest overly complex items.


– an item that teleports you to the boss room but gives you one heart double damage and shows the map, but gives you 2 min to beat the boss before you die. 

You can submit your new ideas HERE, also remember to upvote ideas you like. Just glancing through the thread, I see some great ideas already, and more than a few utterly impractical or awful ideas. It’s unclear if this design process will pay off for The Binding of Isaac team but I hope it does. 

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Source: After Birth

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