APGNation’s 2014 PlayStation 4 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays have arrived and, much like all the rest of us here at APGNation, the Playstation 4 faithful (or those who just haven’t gotten an Xbox One yet) have seen quite a few great titles come along this year. Some of them are remasters, some are multi-platformers, and a few are actually exclusives. If you’re in need of some great gift ideas for that gamer in your life who sticks to the PS4 then APGNation has you covered. Below you’ll find some of the absolute best titles to purchase this holiday season for Sony’s Playstation 4:


PS4 Transistor

Supergiant Games, who graced us with the amazing Bastion, followed up with one of the absolute best things to hit the PS4 this year (though it is also available on PC, Mac and Linux as well). The artistic direction continues to impress, the music is a thing of wonder, and the game narrative is an intricately crafted affair that will challenge you and leave you salivating for more. Also, how great is it that you can hold down a button to make your character hum to the theme song? Transistor is yet another stellar title from a company that is developing quite a cult following. Tactical action meets mysterious storytelling. Winner! 

Available via Digital Purchase from the Playstation Store.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

PS4 Diablo 3 UEE

It isn’t often that I’ll ever admit to admitting a console version of a game is far superior to its PC counterpart. I never thought I would EVER say that with a Blizzard game in particular. This is the case with Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. The current-gen versions (also available on Xbox One) play smooth as silk with nary a frame-rate drop even in the most crowded of areas that would reduce most graphics cards to burning cinders. It plays at a delicious 1080p and 60 FPS. Blizzard outdid themselves with this port by not only altering combat to work with a controller in hand, but also by making a version that feels far superior to its PC counterpart. The controversial “always online” function was stripped away, no Auction House was inserted, and the UI and overall game mechanic received significant improvements. This version includes the original Diablo III and its expansion, Reaper of Souls. The expansion added an all new “Adventure Mode” that is the absolute best way to hack, slash, and loot your way through Sanctuary guaranteed. Numerous Level 70 characters later, I’m still finding reasons to revisit this game for the thrill of that next legendary piece. The addiction starts all over again, my friends.

Available for purchase at all fine retailers everywhere along with the Playstation Store. Good deals during Black Friday for this one with prices as low as $30-35 dollars.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

PS4 Shadow of Mordor

This is, simply put, the best Lord of the Rings game that’s been made (outside of Lord of the Rings Online anyway) thus far. The mixture of the Nemesis AI system, combat that mixes the best of Assassin’s Creed and Batman: Arkham City along with a world that feels as though it truly lives and breathes with or without you makes for one hell of a game. My review of it can be found here. That said, this game is well worth an investment even if you’re not crazy about Tolkien’s universe. This is a solid action-game that takes place in an interesting and unique sandbox along with an epic story that delivers along the way. A fine piece of work from Monolith Studios. Never before have Orcs been so darn interesting.

Available for purchase at all fine retailers and online. Black Friday sales are discounting this game quite deeply with places like Amazon showing it as low as $30.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

PS4 Wolfenstein

Machine Games managed to straddle a fine line between what made the prior generation of shooters great while embracing the new as well. Wolfenstein: The New Order is the sort of game that stays focused on one thing: killin’ Nazis. There is no multiplayer to speak of but is this ever a return to form for long-time video game tough guy BJ Blazkowicz. This time around he isn’t just a meathead with guns in his hand — he’s an actual character who questions his reasons for continuing the fight and tries to make sense of the atrocities of this alternate future where the Nazis have won the war. It is an eloquent mix of the melodramatic and tense action that you expect from a well-made shooter. This needs to be played and MAN do we need a sequel PRONTO.

Available via the digital Playstation Store or any r fine retailer. More Black Friday deals this holiday season can see most places offering this one for half-off normal retail as well.

The Last of Us Remastered

PS4 Last of Us

Naughty Dog’s Last of Us was the sort of game that doesn’t come around often. It placed an emphasis on cinematic storytelling, high stakes and characterization that few titles in the medium can match. Druckman and his team at Naughty Dog delivered one of the best experiences of the entire last console generation and now it is back for PS4. One could bemoan another port/remake on this list, but the truth is this game is still one of the best to come out in the past decade. It is worth experiencing if you never have and it has never looked quite as good. The story of Joel and Ellie, along with all the DLC from the game including the absolutely compelling Left Behind, needs to be seen, felt, heard — experienced. This is bleak McCarthy-esque storytelling that truly showcases humanity at its absolute worst and best. I gladly purchased this on PS3 and then again on PS4. It runs at a lovely 60 FPS and, of course, at 1080p. A must buy.

Available via the digital Playstation Store and all fine retailers everywhere. Sony is currently pushing a bundled deal with a Playstation 4, The Last of Us Remastered and Grand Theft Auto V for $399. Heck of a deal if you haven’t already jumped on board with the PS4 yet. 

There are, without a doubt, other fine PS4 titles available for purchase this holiday season but you’ll be hard-pressed to go wrong with any one of these wonderful games under somebody’s tree or in their stocking this year. More gaming news and reviews can be found on Twitter by following @APGNation.

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